About PUF

The Pop Up Flea is a short-term store for long-term goods. It’s a shop that opens one weekend at a time and a meeting of the menswear minds. It involves, in no specific order: good people, better things, expert craftsmanship, exercises in refinement, brands you love, up-and-coming designers, and menswear done right. Each time we host a Pop Up Flea event, we select a roster of elite participating brands and open a dream department store to the public for one weekend. Vendors are given free reign to design their own miniature shop, bring merchandise that is hard to find elsewhere and show up to peddle their wares and meet their fans. The Pop Up Flea was born in 2009, and like most successful ventures, it started over cocktails.

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The Freshman 15

15 New Vendors at PUFNYC '15
Pop-Up Flea’s Class of 2015 is shaping up to be one of our best and brightest and we look forward to welcoming them to the PUFFam. Some of the finest established menswear labels will stand alongside the newest brands that are shaking things up with innovative techniques and new-school textiles. We’ve drafted crafty veterans like Hestra, Swedish glove makers who are equally deft with a high-tech ski glove as they are with table-cut, hand-sewn dress gloves; Moore and Giles, a Virginia-based leather company that’s been around since 1933 and has been making some stylish bags for most of the last decade; and the venerable Phaidon, publisher of all your favorite art books that may or may not contain healthy amounts of the human body in its unclothed state.

We’ve also brought in some young upstarts like The Citizenry and Zady, who bring incredible passion not just to their finished products, but to the way those products are made: sustainably, resourcefully and fairly. Appointed and Word Notebooks will give us all plenty of places to organize our innermost thoughts and Rivay brings considered sweats, tees, and jackets to the mix. There will be more handsome outerwear from the likes of The Arrivals, Minnesota’s Wilson & Willy’s, and American Trench, as well as versatile bags from the J. Panther Luggage Co. And because we want all our freshmen to get enough nutrients, plenty of DROUGHT raw cold-pressed juice on hand.

Hydration is key.