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The Pop Up Flea is a short-term store for long-term goods. It’s a shop that opens one weekend at a time and a meeting of the menswear minds. It involves, in no specific order: good people, better things, expert craftsmanship, exercises in refinement, brands you love, up-and-coming designers, and menswear done right. Each time we host a Pop Up Flea event, we select a roster of elite participating brands and open a dream department store to the public for one weekend. Vendors are given free reign to design their own miniature shop, bring merchandise that is hard to find elsewhere and show up to peddle their wares and meet their fans. The Pop Up Flea was born in 2009, and like most successful ventures, it started over cocktails.

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Resole Your Red Wings At PUFTEX

Red Wing's First Ever Recrafting Hub At PUFTEX

You never throw out a pair of Red Wings.

They last forever, and the company promises to get them looking and feeling better than new by recrafting your already broken in boots forever. And ever.

It fits in perfectly with our philosophy at Pop Up Flea — buying things that stand the test of time. And look good doing it.

But you know what harshes our mellow over here at PUF? Dealing with UPS and paperwork. That’s why we convinced Red Wing Heritage to come set up a recrafting hub at PUFTEX. (Which is a first of its kind.) They’ll be on hand all weekend to take in your worn Red Wings and do all of the legwork to get them resoled, reworked and good as new in a few weeks. (Normal Red Wing service fees still apply, just without the usual hassle.)

In addition to the recrafting hub, Red Wing’s set up at PUFTEX in Austin this weekend will also include a free boot care clinic and a free self service care station for on-the-fly tuneups. Red Wing will also be able to customize boots on the spot for free by adding speed hooks or other small adjustments. And you can have a free tequila cocktail while you wait. Boom.

Red Wing Heritage at Pop Up Flea Austin

1327 S Congress Ave.

Thursday 5-8, Friday 11-7, Saturday 11-7, Sunday 12-6